by Colin Turnbull

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released December 4, 2015

All music and lyrics by Colin Turnbull with the extra, extra, extra special help from Greg Dissmore.

Colin Turnbull strummed all of the guitars, hit the drums, plucked the bass, shook all of the shakers and tambourines, tickled the ivories, returned the library books, and sang the vocals.

Greg Dissmore played all of the violin parts, helped with the handclaps, recorded all the instrumentals on tracks 1, 2, and 4, reheated the leftovers, and mixed, mastered, and edited everything. <3



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Colin Turnbull Springfield, Missouri

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Track Name: The One True Light
I'm going home, to rest my tired legs from all this walking
My hands are warm, the winter wind has lost its bitter cold sting

I fix my gaze upon a lamp that lights the room, but does not have a source
It's a crude interpretation of the one true light that holds open the doors

So I'll shine on, I'll shine on

Please tell me how to shake off all these fears the future will bring
When everyone near me is fast asleep, but I'm still dreaming

There's a river deep inside me now, I feel its flow but I cannot see its end
Too many times I've run ashore, to only find I'm back where I began

I'll float on, float on

Hold on, there's a way out, there's a will out there for you
Track Name: Speaking In Stereo
Tonight has shown despite how far removed I feel,
A simple thought can bring a smile to my face

Oceans lie in between what we say and what we mean
Here we are now, speaking in stereo

At times your words can lose the meaning they once held
And when you talk, I really hear you yesterday

All this time it's been only you, am I going to lose you?
Track Name: Down
The things I thought I knew, I'm second guessing now
I thought I was all there, but something's missing, how?
Was I in the wrong when I pushed you out?
Where do I go now, that I've fallen down?

Down, down, down, down, down...
Track Name: Isabella
Isabella, where are you?
Are you still sitting in that front pew?
Or have you moved on?

I've never been to the mountain blue,
But if you give me a week or two
I'll try to see you

Isabella, we don't have to be alone

I hear your voice in every sound
I seek your face in every crowd
But you, you're like the sun

I lay in waiting for your reply,
But all I have are your green eyes
Staring back at me

Isabella, we don't have to be alone
Track Name: Expectations
I know nothing has changed, but I don't feel the same
Not since that New Year's Day, when I gave it away

Maybe I should just grow my hair long and start new
There's a part of me still, that just can't seem to cut ties with you

Cold as water I am, until I boil over
Am I set in my ways, or can I really show her?

Despite how close I've come, I feel like I'm drifting
So much that goes unsaid, how am I to know what you think?